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Policy on the promotion of digitalization and the introduction of the latest technologies

The worsening employment situation in the Corona disaster has also created a need for powerful entrepreneurs who can create new jobs through the creation of new business models. However, Japan has relatively few entrepreneurs in the international community, and even in recent years, there has been no significant growth. The White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises shows that many would-be entrepreneurs are unable to take the plunge due to financial insecurity and lack of knowledge.

It is also clear that even if they do take the plunge into entrepreneurship, 30% of businesses are unable to continue running in the first year. Many of these are due to a lack of funds.

In response to this situation in Japan, we are promoting the use of the latest technology, AI, to provide up-to-date human resources services tailored to the individual stages of business owners and would-be entrepreneurs.

We aim to help more entrepreneurs succeed and create employment opportunities in Japan.

Initiatives related to the promotion of digitalization and the introduction of the latest technologies.

It is often said that information obtained through text searches using general search engines contains a lot of information that is unrelated to the purpose of the search and that the necessary information is buried and not found.

Our company will utilize AI to analyze and create a system that recommends appropriate content so that appropriate HR services are provided to site users.

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