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Our unique approach combines market data with comprehensive consulting rooted in deep domain and industry expertise. Our team will give you quick insight into your specific Job needs and present you with the appropriate candidate pool possible.

Recruiting quality

Our database comprises a network cultivated over the past two decades across the global market. These candidates are of exceptional quality, meticulously vetted, and handpicked to deliver optimal results to our clients..

High Performing

Our research and execution team, located in India, directly boosts the progress and fulfillment of client requirements. These high-performing individuals excel at navigating challenges and forging strong connections through thorough research and advanced analytics..

Reduce Turnaround

Each high-performing individual possesses strong industry and candidate connections, simplifying talent selection for clients with minimal effort and shorter turnaround times. We efficiently target passive candidates from our database for quicker results and reduced time-to-fill.

Executive search

Leverage timely market insights and deep expertise for your executive search requirements. In the demanding APAC landscape, where costly hiring delays are common, we provide a unique solution. Our approach combines real-time market data with domain knowledge to connect with top talent efficiently and reliably.


We specialize in lasting, impactful placements to meet the significant demand for permanent staffing in Japan. Our focus areas include Cybersecurity, Telecom Engineering, Software Development, and related fields. In addition to placements, we provide post-placement services to elevate customer satisfaction and overall experience.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)​

Uncover RPO’s impact with AdvantF. Streamline talent acquisition, ease internal HR loads, and boost your Japan employer brand. Our on-site specialists seamlessly implement your strategy, safeguarding internal resources. Enhance your recruitment approach with AdvantF.


New Graduates

We strive to create links with universities in Japan, India, and across the globe. This will revolutionize hiring through off-campus drives for year-round graduate recruitment. Additionally, we support startups and SMEs, facilitating the global influx of new graduates to Japan.

Talent Acquisition- as-a-Service

AdvantF Group provides end-to-end recruitment services encompassing sourcing, screening, interviewing, and onboarding. With TAaaS, they streamline hiring, attracting, evaluating, and securing top talent. This lets clients focus on core operations, leveraging external experts for tailored candidate searches.

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