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AdvantF Group, established with the vision to bridge Japanese enterprises and global talent, is dedicated to fostering a dynamic talent community that transcends geographical boundaries. Our fundamental mission revolves around providing comprehensive support to Indian and global organizations by leveraging our specialized expertise. 



Our approach is not limited to conventional consultancy; we are catalysts for meaningful change. Positioned beyond the scope of a typical recruitment firm, we excel in cultivating meaningful connections between organizations and top-tier talent. 



Our commitment extends to empowering businesses by developing and executing robust talent growth strategies. By understanding every facet of our client’s requirements, we navigate through diverse dimensions to orchestrate transformative changes across the entire spectrum. 


At AdvantF, we ensure that businesses can focus on their core operations while entrusting us with the intricacies of talent management, thereby optimizing efficiency and fostering sustainable growth.

We are working in

Recruitment -Software services - Consulting

Our distinctive method merges market data with in-depth domain expertise through comprehensive consultation. Our team offers rapid insight into your specific job requirements and presents the most fitting candidate pool available.


Empowering innovation and fueling growth, we specialize in guiding startups, SMEs, and various Japanese organizations on a journey to discover exceptional talents, craft cutting-edge products, and navigate strategic paths for sustainable expansion. Our mission goes beyond recruitment; we are your partners in progress, dedicated to shaping success stories.


From identifying top-tier talents to fostering a culture of creativity and providing strategic consultations for robust growth, we are the catalysts for your organization’s evolution. Elevate your business with us—where talent meets transformation and possibilities flourish.

Our Visions

Able to achieve success by delivering
customer delight.

Our Mission

Do what it takes to achieve our

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Meet our team

Somanna Aiyappa

Representative Director - Founder & CEO

Japneet Singh

Co-Founder and COO/Sales

Vaibhav Gupta

Chief Marketing

Naman Doshi

Lead Engineering

Rahber Abbas Abidi

Lead backend-Engineering

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