QA- Engineering Manager

Job Title: QA Engineering Manager Location: [Tokyo- Japan] Job Description: As a QA Engineering Manager, you will have a multifaceted role involving organizational management, leading the product QA process, and promoting agile development practices. Your responsibilities will include: Designing and implementing test strategies within the Squad structure. Establishing, deploying, and enhancing QA processes to streamline… Continue reading QA- Engineering Manager

Android Engineer

Android engineers who want to commit to service growth in a growth-phase domain/business and those who want to be involved in services seek to improve the end-user experience.

iOS Engineer

Experience in respecting the philosophy of the platform and reflecting it in product implementation 

Product Analyst

Responsibilities  Your role will involve providing analytical support for Product Management (PdM). While the data infrastructure on BigQuery is in place, our primary objective is to effectively leverage and analyze this infrastructure. This is aimed at enhancing the precision of decision-making within the product development process. Your responsibilities will encompass tasks such as conducting pricing… Continue reading Product Analyst

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