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NodeJS Developers

Health Startup

  • Chennai, India
  • September 22, 2022

We are looking for someone who comes alive while developing server-side application logics (NodeJS) with good problem-solving skills.

As a Backend Developer, expect your days to be supercharged with challenges and excitement while building and mastering the core software with your own bare hands.

You will be developing low latency APIs and functions to exchange data between the server and the user ensuring high performance and responsiveness. You are going to work closely in developing challenging components like chat applications, event schedulers, and much more.


– Have an eye for building, maintaining, and creating a schema for RDBS.

– Define and communicate technical and design requirements.

– Build high-quality reusable code that can be used in the future.

– Work seamlessly in any IDEs like VS Code, WebStorm, etc.

– Work collaboratively with BA teams to ensure the requirement criteria is met.

– Participate in the creative process. Thinking out of the box.

– Writing time efficient, space efficient, and generic code.

– Oversee all technical challenges which might occur while development.

– Delivering user story development as per acceptance criteria.

– Preparing LLD (Low-level document) on a solution or a component for better understanding to other developers.

– Participate in the entire application life cycle focusing on coding and debugging.

– Learn about new technologies and stay up to date with current best practices.


– Hands-on backend web development experience.

– Decent understanding on Git, Bit Bucket.

– Excellent grip on node JS/express JS, like how node JS/express JS works, behind the scenes.

– Person who thinks like a compiler.

– Good problem-solving skills through JavaScript/Typescript.

– Ability to resolve a real-time problem through code.

– Familiar with Agile software development.

– Good understanding in JSON.

– Matured enough to consume and make API calls.

– Experience on issue tracking, and bug tracking tool like JIRA,Azure DevOps.

– Worked on any cloud services like AWS, Azure would be an added advantage.

– Good at estimating ETA and also good at delivering by ETA.

– Be up for anything. A can-do attitude.

– Not just restricted to the backend.

What is the client’s technology stack?

The client has used top-notch technologies to build our product. We use react JS for web app and react native for mobile app. Both frameworks are coded in typescript. We use AWS lambdas, ECS and API Gateway for hosting our backend services. All the services are written in Node JS/Express JS. We use wide variety of AWS services like Dynamo DB, S3, Cognito, SNS, SQS, CloudFront, etc. We use figma for UI/UX design and wireframing.

Are there any technologies you want me to be good with? Yes, we expect you to be good in node JS.

Experience : 2 to 4 Years


  • node JS
  • express JS
  • JavaScript/Typescript
  • JSON
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