Mobile Application Engineer (iOS/Android) (Manager Level)

Technology Start-up

  • Tokyo, Japan
  • August 12, 2023
  • 8M to 12M JPY

You will actively perform all kinds of tasks necessary for the stable operation of the infrastructure.

Responsibilities involve:

  • Creating and upkeeping the mobile app for clients.
  • Innovating new product development.
  • Engaging in research, development, and assessment of emerging technologies.

You possess the capability to handle both iOS and Android development. (However, if you excel in one platform, that’s perfectly acceptable too.) Back-end services (BFFs) are also within reach, enabling you to engage with server-side aspects as well. This role guarantees personal advancement, as you contribute to crafting a product within a phone application market that offers considerable room for novel insights and learning.

Development Language:

Programming languages for development include Swift, Kotlin, and Flutter (utilizing Dart). Development procedures are facilitated through platforms like Slack, Asana, and Confluence

Requirement : 

Possesses over three years of expertise in mobile application development and front-end development, including proficiency in frameworks like React and Vue.js.

Welcome Skills 

  • Automation through Continuous Integration (CI).
  • Agile development methodologies like Scrum.
  • Conducting code reviews within team-based development.
  • App development utilizing Firebase.


English -Business level
Japanese – N3 and Above

Experience : 7 to 8 years (Relevant Mobile development Experience)


  • React, Vue.js.
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Android, IOS
  • Team Management
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