Android Engineer

Live Streaming Business

  • Tokyo, Japan
  • August 28, 2023
  • Monthly salary: 294,167 yen to 1,250,000 JPY/M

Android engineers who want to commit to service growth in a growth-phase domain/business and those who want to be involved in services seek to improve the end-user experience.

The Social Live Division operates with a team of about 80 people, of which about 40% are engineers, mainly divided into the product team, improvement team, event team, and web team. While basically divided by team, many members are working across teams and multiple technical areas to solve problems that need to be solved to provide a better user experience. For example, currently, in order to develop the global version of the service and improve the user experience of the Japanese version at the same time, the form of the team changes each time according to the content of the development.

Business Contents

The team is in charge of developing new functions and new events that provide new experiences to make Pococha more enjoyable for users. If necessary, you will also be entrusted with server-side development. Real-time communication is the lifeblood of social live service. Stable performance is required “as a matter of course” even under a higher load than normal applications. We would like you to be involved in continuous quality improvement to maintain the “norm”.

-Development of new functions

-Development of event direction and functions

-Improvement and enhancement of UX and performance on the delivery/viewing screen

-Tuning for stable performance even under heavy load

-Study and restructuring of optimal architecture for a social live platform

-Development and modification of server-side API (as the case may be)

Development Environment

Delivery: IVS

Infrastructure: AWS

Server: Ruby, Ruby on Rails

iOS: Swift

Android: Kotlin

webfront: TypeScript, Next.js, React

Others: GitHub, CircleCI, Figma, Notion, Slack

Required Skills

-At least 2 years of experience in Android development using Kotlin

-Understanding of Android development architecture such as -MVP/MVVM/CleanArchitecture and experience in development

-Experience with AndroidStudio and Gradle library management

-Experience releasing apps on Google PlayStore

-Experience using Github for development

-Understanding of Android standard libraries and frameworks

*No knowledge or experience in video delivery is required.

Welcomed skills

-Experience in Android development using RxJava

-Experience in OSS development

-Cooperation in development of in-house libraries

-Knowledge of live streaming technologies such as RTMP / HLS

The Ideal Candidate

-Who wants to commit to service growth in a growth-phase domain/business

-Those who want to be involved in services seek to improve the end-user experience.

-Those who are willing to proactively take on all challenges to ensure the success of the service. 


English – Business level
Japanese – N3 and Above

Experience : 3 to 5 Years


  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails
  • Kotlin
  • TypeScript, Next.js, React
  • GitHub, CircleCI
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